Nestlé Group


Since 2002 we create exclusive and innovative softwares for Nestlè Italia Spa and its related companies, in order to make procedures and data handling easier, well-organized and faster
Among the latest applications:

  • System procedures to handle statistical process control of marks on the production line
  • Interfaces for data exchange of the different systems in the company (Sap As/400, peripheral systems)
  • Centralised consumers and subscribers database
  • Web-based data collection application (to store informations about the creation of new products, about customers/suppliers lists and about bank lists)
  • Software management system to handle the attendants to the different conventions about nutrition
  • Centralised archive of all the supply contracts
  • Web management systems that cover different sectors (new hirings, hardware, software, on-site maintainance services, ...)
  • Online booking system to deal the usage of meeting rooms and company cars
  • Web management system to handle apartments sublet to the employees