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ECM Smart

Participation in company training events is growing, processes are speeding up and company departments are becoming increasingly autonomous and with difficult communication processes, thanks to ECM Smart it is possible to improve the management of approval flows and budget control of events dedicated to training in the field of Continuing Medical Education (E.C.M.).

ECM Smart is an application accessible from any device and highly customizable, able to involve a large number of end users. The software solution is integrated with Salesforce, one of the CRM systems most used by large companies worldwide.

opsi ECM Smart Gestione Documentale Eventi

Centralized Event Document Management

ECM Smart allows you to manage individual and corporate participation in events and congresses dedicated to medical training organized by your company.

Via web browser, collaborators can manage hundreds of participants, corporate sponsorships for each event, manage the disbursement of scholarships up to the purchase of material to be used for the event itself.

The web application is based on five fundamental elements: a system for importing personal data from the corporate CRM, a system for receiving and processing individual participations, a report manager for analyzing the flows of expenditure and participants for each event and a workflow manager that allows you to streamline and speed up even complex work and authorization flows and a centralized repository of documents recognized by the entire company.

Through a centralization of information and management of granular permissions for each type of user (area manager, scientific informant, head of office and / or travel agency), a high level of personalization of data management and actions to be performed is guaranteed. End users use the platform very easily and without encountering difficulties in finding the desired information.

Advantages of ECM Smart

Thanks to the ECM Smart solution, the entire life cycle of a medical training event is processed online, with a net saving in terms of time and costs.

Just think of:

  • automation of the approval and dematerialization process to prevent the collection of participations in training events in the medical field from being managed offline with a passage of documents between the various company departments;

  • centralization of information thanks to a repository of documents all the documentation relating to a training event is collected in a single place recognized and reachable by the whole company;

  • cost control for event budget and expenses thanks to the management of the registry of training events and the budget allocated to them, it is possible to have a control and an always updated overview of the costs incurred

  • facilitated communication flow between the headquarters, the staff that organizes the training event and the travel agencies for the management of the participants in the training event.
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