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Customer Profile

Nespresso is number one in the production and distribution of espresso capsules. Its strength? The high quality of the product and service.

Nespresso counts tens of thousands of capsule shipments per month. Its is a widespread distribution in every area of ​​Italy and for most of the locations reached it guarantees delivery within the next working day.

Similar standards involve the need to precisely monitor performance and compliance with delivery times, as well as carry out a careful control of transport costs.

Business Operation

OPSI conducted an analysis of the shipping processes in order to identify the key points of the process and define the monitoring KPIs. The general objective was to create a mapping of the logistics processes and activities aimed at reconstructing the delivery process.

The analysis of the highlighted shipping process is useful for monitoring the efficiency of each shipper involved in the process and for measuring its performance. In detail, the first delivery, the second delivery (if any) and the possible return of the goods to the warehouse are monitored.


The benefits of the intervention

OPSI has therefore made it possible to identify the qualitative factors that allow you to monitor the efficiency of transport companies and achieve, with extreme precision, the SLAs required at the contract level.

Following the analysis conducted and the identification of the KPIs to be monitored, OPSI has identified and implemented a data integration solution that allows:

  • receive from the parties involved in the process (Nespresso, fitters, logistics companies) information on orders and the progress of deliveries;

  • obtain weekly and monthly performance indicators on the timely closing of deliveries;

  • control of invoices issued by couriers according to the type of shipment.

The information collected was made available in a dashboard created in Microsoft Power BI to allow a better interpretation and analysis of the results.

Thanks to OPSI, today Nespresso's shipment analysis process is fully automated and the integration with MS Power BI allows you to apply information analysis criteria to keep the quality standards of the service offered monitored.

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