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Logistic Hub Solution®

your logistic management software solution

Logistic Hub Solution provides a planning to better organize the reservations of carriers at the company loading/unloading ramps.

The web application allows the company to remotely manage inbound bookings in a simple and effective way, optimizing withdraw goods and avoiding loading ramps queues.

Thanks to our ten-year competence and knowledge in the logistics area, we created a key tool to save time and resources in management and coordination of oncoming vehicles.

Gestione Prenotazioni Hub OPSI per la Logistica
OPSI e ottimizzazione processi logistici

Logistic Processes Optimization

The application lays the foundations to an increasingly effective logistics: optimizes the internal logistics processes and significantly reduces the loading and unloading times.

Logistic Hub Solution Overview

The carrier, or the administrator on his behalf, can book the first free slot thanks to an intuitive interface web available and accessible from any device.

The administrator will receive a notification and will see the reserved slot appear in the calendar with all the details.

Thanks to the Logistic Hub Solution application you can:

  • effectively manage appointments for unloading and loading goods at the warehouse;

  • manage each loading ramp individually and associate any specific characteristics;

  • simplify communication between the company and carriers;

  • manage in an appropriate ways the load activity peaks;

  • independently manage the opening and closing times of the loading/unloading platforms;

  • avoid queues and overlapping of loading/unloading vehicles at the company;
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