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Customer Profile

Synlab is the largest European medical diagnostics group. Through their sampling points and at the outpatient centers, at the service of doctors and patients, they carry out every day (in Europe only) over one million laboratory services and tests.

Business Operation

OPSI intervened immediately to measure and review some business processes to bring to light any obstacles in the improvement of delivery procedures and in the management of administrative documents that pass through the various company systems.


“A collaboration in the name of proactivity in interventions and simplification of processes”

Renato Benaglia

Company areas involved in the OPSI intervention

OPSI has designed strategic solutions for the company's business in two key departments: logistics and administration. Below is an overview of the interventions carried out.



  • planning of collection trips from the sampling points of the biological material to be analyzed;

  • travel/transport planning optimization;

  • monitoring of the storage temperatures of the containers of biological material to be analyzed;

  • analysis of the handling of containers of biological material to be analyzed;

  • travel efficiency analysis;

  • monitoring of hours worked and calculation of travel incentives;

  • monitoring of arrivals of containers of biological material to be analyzed at the analysis laboratories;


  • management of collection lists of withdrawal points;

  • monitoring of valuables;

  • reconciliation with bank receipts.

Among the advantages found directly following the interventions carried out, among others, we can certainly list:

  • greater savings in economic terms thanks to the analysis of travel and handling of containers;

  • better organization of working time thanks to the monitoring of the arrival times of drivers;

  • better efficiency in the management of administrative documents.
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