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Pellegrini Group was founded in 1965 and is the Italian partner of reference in the services market, from catering to food supplies, from meal vouchers to corporate welfare, from automatic distribution to cleaning and integrated services.

Business Operation

OPSI created the portal for of the company partner affiliation system management with the aim of building user loyalty. On the portal you can take advantage of discounts, benefits and participate in of points collection.

The key requests from the client during the project brief were:

  • high urgency: to make available online, in a short time, a portal with a well-defined graphic layout that respects the graphic lines of Pellegrini Group;

  • creation of restricted areas available to registered users only;

  • ease of use in editorial content management : providing the content administrator user with maximum freedom in creating promotions and affiliations were the elements at the basis of the choice of the project provider.
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Quick release of the solution, geolocation and AdWords management

Pellegrini Group has been using DNN solutions for its portals for some time. OPSI's ten-year experience on the DNN CMS has been decisive in meeting the customer's two fundamental requirements:

  • release date: already communicated to users and therefore not derogable;

  • keep the original management component and satisfy the new needs by creating customized visualization templates.

The continuous exchange of information with the customer-partner and the high level of knowledge of the DNN platform have certainly allowed the customer to reach, with extreme serenity, the objectives set despite the "tight deadlines" of development.

Particurarly important was the integration, within the new portal, of an always updated geolocation system of sale points located throughout the country. This new feature has provided users with quick access to information on stores belonging to Pellegrini circuit thanks to the ability to search, with extreme ease, the places of interest according to their needs.

Finally, for Pellegrini Group, OPSI also deals with the creation, analysis and optimization of corporate advertising performance for three specific business lines. OPSI undertakes to maintain performance in line with the required standards and in compliance with the budget envisaged for the activity in question.

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