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Reporting & Scheduling®

Reporting & Scheduling is a simple solution to building business reports. With the Reporting & Scheduling module you can create, plan, manage, automate and report with a simple click.

Thanks to our application it's possible to automate the process of scheduling and exporting reports periodically and receive them directly in your inbox.

Reporting & Scheduling has a user interface that allows you to:

  • schedule the desired reports

  • run a batch program that allows the extraction of required reports in accordance with the scheduling data and sends extraction results in the form of an Excel file to email addresses provided in the scheduling phase.
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Business Process Automation

Reporting & Scheduling finds its right place in the centralization and aggregation of company data and also allows to improve the Business Intelligence process.

Reporting & Scheduling supports companies in the acquisition and management of one of the most important assets, if not the most important: data.

The data is essential for a general overview of the of reference business performance .

Data monitoring is crucial for companies that have a clear goal to reach and pursue: continuous growth.

To ensure accurate management control, we created the Reporting & Scheduling web application.

We remind you that all company sectors are subject to continuous monitoring. Among others, just think of:

  • prospect or customer reports for sales department;

  • processing data statistics for production department;

  • company budgets made by the administration department;

  • statistics relating to the company's digital channels for the marketing department.

Reporting Overview & Scheduling

In the product administration area, the reports can be categorized by business areas of reference. In this section it's possible to select a report to which with filters to allow a targeted extraction based on the user's needs.

Once the appropriate choices have been made, the report is displayed with the possibility of direct printing or exporting to Excel.

After saving the report, a batch program, run periodically and examines the schedule data. For each "expiring" schedule, the program processes data and creates an Excel file that is sent by e-mail to the addresses specified by the administrator user during the scheduling phase. The report is marked as sent and the date of the next submission will be calculated at the same time.

Reporting & Scheduling allows company employees to avoid wasting energy in repetitive and unrewarding activities, increase company productivity by making the data collection process more accurate and make the most of data assets by integrating processes and making most of digital tools.

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