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The BU Process Analysis

Analyzing, managing and improving the most significant processes, resources, systems, data and services of an organization allows you to optimize and make business activities more efficient, a fundamental aspect for growing in a highly competitive market today.

The search for improvement cannot ignore the process analysis activity since is the first step to know and thoroughly evaluate those daily processes carried out within an organization.

Process analysis combined with incremental improvement action allows the redesign of existing business processes in order to make business performance more effective.

Understanding business processes, deploying skills among resources, diversifying suppliers, using monitoring systems, ensuring digitization and data completeness can only be some of the suitable corrective actions that help optimize business management.

From processes analysis derive all those improvement strategies that guarantee the necessary continuity to avoid those risks that can jeopardize the business functioning, thus ensuring the protection and optimization of the most critical processes within the company.

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Business Unit Process Analysis and Organization OPSI
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